Popular Coworking Spaces in NJ

Create a work environment that is perfect for your business by renting professional coworking space NJ. You can find different companies that provide furnished working spaces with different amenities that may suit your needs. If you are looking for affordable office spaces for rent in NJ, available for both short-term and long-term lease, you might want to research the best location and work with a company that provides you with the right service. Here are a few examples of companies that offer shared office spaces NJ that you could work with.

Agency Network

Located in the heart of Fairfield, New Jersey, Agency Network is among the most successful flexible office space rental companies. The company provides different classes of office spaces, including private offices, meeting rooms, and event spaces that you can customize to your needs. If you are looking for a flexible workspace that provides functionality and convenience, Agency Network has your needs taken care of.

All their offices are fully furnished, come with free high-speed WiFi, and you can also access a shared kitchen. Here are some of the benefits you should anticipate when you rent shared office space NJ from Agency Network.

  • Double or single offices available
  • 16 private suites
  • Free WiFi
  • On-site coordinator
  • Audiovisual equipment provided
  • Private event spaces
  • Private restrooms
  • Mailing address and assigned parking
  • Shared kitchen
  • Virtual office spaces

Besides, Agency Network offers public pricing, so you would not need to contact them for this information. And when you do need to contact them, their support team is quick and responsive to your questions. You have also assured convenience as the office spaces are less than 25 miles west of New York City and close to major highways.


The other company that offers coworking office spaces in New Jersey that you could consider is Regus NJ. They offer fully-equipped workspaces with everything from WiFi to furniture. This allows you to focus on your business. Additionally, Regus offers spaces for different sizes of businesses, and you can find them in different locations. The on-site support team is usually friendly, and you are provided support for both short and long-term office space rental.

However, Regus does not offer public pricing. To find pricing information, you have to request a quote or contact the company for information. You may also have to compromise as amenities tend to vary based on location and may be missing completely in some. In the past, we have reports that Regus has charged for upgrades such as high speed internet and phone (voip) accessibility. So be sure to ask what available amenities are at an additional cost. In New Jersey, Regus offers office spaces in Princeton, Hamilton, and Cherry Hill among a few other locations.

C3 Workplace

For professional shared office rental NJ, you could also consider C3 Workplace. Like other office rentals, you only need to carry your laptop as the offices are fully furnished with furniture and amenities. C3 Workplace offers part-time and full-time office space rental, meeting rooms, a business lounge, and virtual and mail programs. For support, you can negotiate for telephone programs, virtual business support, and a virtual assistant.

But you may have to do without some amenities like shared kitchens or conference facilities as it was unclear on their site of the availability of these items. Also, C3 Workplace does not provide public pricing information, which means you have to submit a request if you need that information. They are only available in Sparta and Montclair in New Jersey, so if you consider location important you might want to look for an alternative host.

Benefits of Shared Office Spaces.

There are several valid arguments for renting shared office space, especially if you are running a young business.

  • Private offices offer you the flexibility you need to concentrate on your work. Unlike open office spaces, you are not distracted by human traffic, and this means you can accomplish
    more without the distractions. You can customize the office to your needs and everything you require is provided.
  • Also, working from home might come with a fair share of challenges as you are often distracted by people around you. Renting a private office in a serene environment allows you to
  • Most importantly, you get a professional working area. This is important if you consider receiving clients. You don’t need big resources to project an image of seriousness to your

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