A virtual office in NJ is an arrangement where you are provided a physical address for your business to receive mail and package handling (For example, Virtual offices provide a physical mailing address which is needed for Google MY Business or any other search purposes). A virtual office, also known as a virtual mailbox in NJ may also include amenities such as meeting rooms and conference areas, usually available on demand. Unlike a traditional office that requires a long lease, a virtual office allows you to only pay a small monthly fee and then additional one-time payments when you use meeting spaces or additional amenities. You can use the address from your virtual mailing address on your business cards, website, mail signature, etc. This looks much more professional than your home address or a P.O. Box in New Jersey.

On the other hand, a flexible private office usually offers all the amenities of a virtual office but usually includes additional usage times and even a private office that is yours for use every day. You normally enter into an agreement for short-term use of the space. The agreement usually includes essentials such as conference rooms, utilities, and high-speed internet. Normally, you would also be able to use this address as a mailing address as well.

To help you understand how these two types of flexible offices work, here are the benefits you draw from each.

Benefits of a virtual office or virtual mailbox address

  1. As mentioned above, when you sign up for a virtual office, you are issued a physical mailing address for your business in NJ. You can use this address on your business cards, website, or even email signatures. This enhances the credibility of your business and could be a good way to improve your reputation. A physical address that looks professional is a good sign to your customers, so they will have confidence they are dealing with a business that is credible.
  2. Cost effective. Unlike a permanent office that you have to pay for every month or year, a virtual office allows you to only pay for what you need and when you need it. You also eliminate overhead expenses as you work remotely. Overall, you enjoy both time and money savings.
  3. Short term contract agreement gives you the flexibility to make changes to your agreement depending on your needs. It’s a recommended option especially in the growth stage of your business as it allows for future expansion or contraction of services as situations demand.

Benefits of private office space

  1. Post Covid-19, a private office in NJ limits touchpoints and ensures you can run your business from your own exclusive space. Agency Network is following all cleaning and disinfectant protocols.
  2. Privacy. A private flexible office space allows you privacy as this is not a shared space where you may be distracted by the movement of others. Everything you need to perform your tasks is included in the lease, so you also enjoy cost savings despite getting a quiet exclusive working area.
  3. Working from home can be overwhelming if you think about the distractions that surround you. One way to get away from work from home issues is to rent a private office. It allows you to concentrate on your work in a serene environment.
  4. Above all, you get a professional working space, so if you look to receive clients you will be comfortable they will have no doubts about your business. It’s a good solution if you want to get away from the kids and all the distractions you may be facing at home.