Isn’t it interesting to wake up, fix breakfast, and do some stuff within the house before you can sit down and work on that presentation? Not like you can’t do the work from home and on your bed while still in your PJs. However, you probably will have to deal with your kids who cannot let you have a peaceable moment or your spouse also working from home and looking for the quietest spot. Other than that, the lack of adequate facilities may contribute to your lack of productivity. As you might have found out during the last several months of working from home, it’s time for a change.

The challenge of getting your own office space in NJ is that it can be pretty expensive. You might need to pay a lot of fees upfront to rent as well as other additional service costs. But you don’t have to worry, Agency Network’s Flex Pass is here to sort you out. We have an inexpensive private office that gives you a professional image and allows you to maximize productivity. Here are some of the other benefits you will get;

  • Central business location. When you have to meet new clients or business partners you do not have to set meetings at coffee shops where you are out of control of a lot of factors. You can do a professional meeting in a board room or private office.
  • Networking opportunities. In a space where there are numerous professionals from different industries, you will rarely lack opportunities for growth. You can easily get help with a project or land new clients and business partners.
  • Social working spaces. Working from home can sometimes get lonely and ruin your social life. You meet and connect with new people from time to time which allows you to become part of the co-working community.
  • Work/life balance. When you leave the house for work you are able to separate your work life from the way you live at home. This allows you to set boundaries for the time you allocate to your work and can handle your home duties properly. This is difficult when working from home as you can be tempted to work till late into the night.
  • Cost savings. When you opt for co-working spaces you only pay for what you use for the amount of time you use the facilities such as desks, boardroom, and equipment among others. This means that you cut off all the costs that you would have been required to pay were you to rent out an office individually. Our rates range from $200 for 5 days, $350 for 10 days, and $900 for 30 days.

Contact us today to get a professional space that will boost your work productivity. Our co-working spaces are accessible from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. We have Agency Network’s Flex Pass with a 3-month expiration date from the purchase though it can only be used by the tenant. You should also ensure that your office space usage has been approved by Agency Network.