The days of a 3, 5, or even 10 year office space lease are over! Flexible office spaces are no longer suited for startups and freelancers only. Even multinational companies can take advantage of these unique working spaces. (Expand on examples of industries and business professionals that can be a great fit. financial advisors, lawyers, architects, marketing agencies, etc.)

Short-term offices are working spaces that can be rented on a short term basis. Usually several months at a time (Stay away from advertising month to month leases. Short term is fine) depending on your requirements. This type of lease is especially suitable for small businesses or growing companies as it provides flexibility. Unlike a commercial lease, flexible office rental allows you to move in efficiently and quickly as most of the amenities you require are already installed. (Change up wording, perhaps go with all amenities included rather than already installed). Simply bring your laptop and you’re ready to go!

This also comes as a solution for established businesses that look to remodel their main spaces. You can rent a temporary office and ensure your operations are not interrupted while your main offices undergo renovation.

Concerns about our recent epidemic? Agency Network’s private office model allows entrepreneurs, small businesses, or even large enterprises to furnish private office space to key team members that would otherwise not be available in an open floor plan.

Flexible office rental also works for home-based entrepreneurs who require to meet with clients several days a month. These spaces provide a professional setting without demanding commitment to a long-term lease that may be cost intensive.

How to Avoid Commuting to New York?

Some companies offer employees stipends for co-working or private office spaces. If your business offers this perk, you could work from Agency Network in Fairfield, NJ and avoid the daily bus, train, and subway ride that would normally consume your morning commute. Get into a new morning ritual with a nice hot coffee, dedicated parking, and a receptionist who’ll greet you by name each and every morning!

What are the benefits of short term office rental?

There are many reasons you may want to rent private office space on short term basis. In case you are wondering why flexible office rental has been a trend on the rise, here are benefits you might be missing out on.


Traditional office space leasing is a period of 3, 5, or even 10 years. At Agency Network, our agreements are much more flexible and can be easily renewed or ended at the end of the period.

Lower risks / More Amenities

Working out of Agency Network offers lower risks. In a traditional lease agreement, taxes and common costs can be a surprise each year. Also, in some scenarios you can be responsible for ongoing maintenance. We’ve even seen in certain leases tenants can be responsible for changes to laws such as upgrading fire systems should state requirements change. Not only do you avoid those risks with Agency Networks private executive suites, but you also gain a ton of amenities. You have a full kitchen, private clean restrooms, access to copy/image equipment, assigned parking, free wifi, and more.